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Curiosity nearly killed mankind
When humans set out to explore the vastness of the universe 200 years ago and launched the first manned missions to other planets, they brought minerals and strange objects of unknown origin back to Earth. After the first 3 years of investigating the interstellar objects, many people gradually began to fall ill. A few years later, a mysterious virus had been discovered, which was fought with all means. However, no matter how hard they tried to find a cure, the virus continued to spread. Numerous of the infected died. But in one out of ten patients, something extraordinary happened. It mutated and evolved.

The first "meta-beings" or Deva, as they are called today, showed radical physical changes. They resembled monsters from stories more than humans. Over the next few years, more and more of the new "species" appeared. Even among the Deva there were great differences and even after years of research and development, humanity could learn very little about the virus and its effects on humans. At least it was given an appropriate name. Echidna, a beast of Greek myth, the mother of all monsters.

War does not determine
who is right, only who is left
When scientists and doctors finally found a way to bring the virus under control, i.e. vaccinations and medical countermeasures, it was already too late. The existence of the Deva and the rapid increase in deaths in the world caused war. The war led to famine, whole cities were wiped out in a very short time, as every country now had its own living and thinking weapons of mass destruction thanks to the powers of single individuals.

10 years after the outbreak of war, the fronts changed. Now it was no longer country against country, but man against Deva. The war dragged on for another 10 years until humanity finally found a way to strip them of their powers with a serum and end the war with brute force using their latest weapons, technology, exo suits and cybernetically enhanced soldiers.

The New Age
Today, in the year 2221, the world has changed completely. Entire countries have disappeared, new ones have been founded and, using all its resources, humanity has managed to get the "Deva problem" under control. The organization "Animus" has set itself the goal of registering all Deva and putting them under surveillance in order to prevent a new Deva war. But in the shadows, hidden from the population and the watchful eye of the organization, resistance is gathering. Will there be another war, or will the world ultimately end? The answer to this question is uncertain.